Urban Light Guerrilla

first ULG came on nov. 2010, when architect Michal Hladký from Východné pobrežie (East coast) invited us to present our work at Pecha Kucha Night Košice vol.11

philosophy: the search of the poetry in an urban environment.
strategy: transforming temporarily the spaces/objects.
tactics: exploring the urban territory with movement freedom and energy self-sufficiency.
ideology: once transformed, although ephimeraly, the illuminated environment stays in the memory of the spectator.

vol. 05 poke fest_2012

one day installation during the festival POKE_2012 in the premises of the old brick factory in drienovská nová ves, slovakia.

vol. 04 Tahanovce bridge

3rd. intervention for the project City Lights. This unfinished bridge had to communicate a new prefabricated blocks section which was never built in the area of Tahanovce, northern Kosice.

vol. 03 PKN#16

one day installation in a historical building during Pecha Kucha Night Košice Vol. 16 Košice, Slovakia. Project City Lights.

vol. 02 poke fest

one day installation during the festival POKE in the premises of an old brick factory. drienovská nová ves, slovakia. project City Lights.

vol. 01 prešov

4 sessions with students of arts & architecture. presented at pecha kucha night košice vol. 11. 2010, prešov, slovakia.

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