landscape lighting. sports and recreation center ryba anička, košice 2012.

light & space exhibition

4 installations and exhibition of projects and pictures in caraffa gallery, prešov. december 2012.

cassovar light experience

light and videoprojection for the opening of new building in cassovar complex. Košice 2012.

nová synagóga žilina | open days

work in progress. last summer the team decided to open the building after first demolition stage. architect: Martin Jančok. client: Stanica Žilina-Záriečie. The team recently received the Bauwelt Advacement Award 2013.

wallenrod offices complex

lighting design project for main entrance hall and facade. architects: ITB Architekti s.r.o. Bratislava, in progress.

workshop 'the rear window'

the art of making atractive a window display... Days od Architecture and Design (DAAD) and Use the city Festival. Košice, 2012.

Jerusalem Festival of light 2012

Proposal presented for competion on January 2012.

moonride 6

opening party and 4-days installation during Moonride festival 6th edition 2011, sponsored by TEKO, a.s. lighting installation in production area and mapping in administrative building.

biela noc košice

one day installation during LA NUIT BLANCHE, the night previous to the Košice Peace Marathon 2011. Project City Lights.

barcelona eme3

project Violinist on the roof. 4 days installation during the eme3 International Architecture Festival 2011. Barcelona, Spain. In collaboration with Serbian violinist Branislav Grbic. (min.. 00:40)

genielite PF 2010

video for new year’s eve virtual card. created for the company Genielite-Elcom. Prešov

cruise terminal

permanent indoor & outdoor project. alcùdia, mallorca. SCT arquitectos. 2009, spain.


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